About Us

Love what you do!

Hey guys and gals….Welcome to Palletso!

“This shop is kind of like my love for cooking. I love to create, and it’s refreshing to see someone love what you’ve whipped up. That’s what it’s all about!”

The idea of using pallets for furniture came about in a friends house warming party. They had several pallets in their apartment like a bed, a shelf, and even a planter for their flowers in the garden. I thought about how amazing and creative it was and eventually came across another pallet shelf several weeks later.

After seeing the shelf the ol’ gears in the noggin started turning. Thinking about how much recycling and going green meant to me I start tinkering around with a few pallets myself and voila!

After discovering the new found ability of creativity and working with wood it was decided to not only sell the ideas but take it a step further. So not only is recycling a part of Palletso, but replanting the wood that was used to make these pallets is the heart of Palletso!

After all, businesses can’t always be about money. So for every purchased item a tree will be planted in its name.