Rustic/Modern Coat Rack:
May 18, 2017
Cubic: A Palletso Bistro styled Arm Chair that keeps that Barbeque conversation going. Imagine morning coffee sitting in awesomeness.
May 18, 2017
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Rustic Magnets



A smooth finish, rustic look and Entirely hand made! This listing is for 8 awesome magnets. Created from recycled pallet wood. These mini pallet magnets come in a pack of 8 (because you can’t just have one). Great home decor that’s made from the bits and pieces of wood that fall on the floor. 🙂

Custom sizing/Coloring isn’t a problem just ask 🙂 (We all have our own preferences)

All wood used is natural (as seen in pictures) and cleaned up. That being said, given the unique character of pallet wood, it cannot be completely identical, but that’s all part of the character and great rustic look. Additionally, nail holes, screw holes, weathering, and scratches are all common features of pallet wood, and all part of the art!

Dimensions = Length 1 inch, Width 1 inch, Height 1/2 inch

For now, Palletso will post the highest amount it will cost to ship the item to the farthest zone based on weight and package. Then if the item sells closer to our location, we simply notify you and refund the excess amount to you. Easy!

Remember, every piece purchased plants a tree and helps clean up the environment (your money goes a long way)! 🙂

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