Why use palletso for your next commercial project?

We place the highest priority on a personalized customer service and experience. We are a small , but mighty team that will go above and beyond to make sure your client is happy from start to finish. We offer a 3 year warranty on our products and stand by the materials, quality, & finish 100 percent of the time.

Creating products from reclaimed wood is a very popular design trend. We started in 2012, working exclusively with reclaimed pallet wood/lumber and have a tremendous sense of pride and familiarity working with it. With that familiarity, comes confidence and mastering of a building and finishing process that we have developed in house, to produce the highest quality furniture with the least amount of impact on the environment (Every Purchased Piece Plants a Tree), for the best value. We have created reclaimed wood furniture for over 2000 Restaurants and Hotels all across the USA and abroad. Including commercial industries, home design sector, Restaurants, universities, libraries, MLB stadiums, dining halls, prototypes for leading tech companies, coffee shops, bars, lounges, hotels, retail shops, multi-family housing developments, corporate offices, and more have all been on our roster.

  • We offer many different Wood Species including our standard reclaimed Douglas Fir, our Pallet mixed hardwood, and reclaimed Redwood.
  • We coat all tables with at least 4-6 coats of polyurethane, exceeding FDA requirements.
  • We offer add-ons and specialize in customizations for commercial office projects including custom power cut outs, powder-coating, and stain matching.
  • We are able to deliver on most projects across the USA within 5 weeks, sometimes sooner.
  • Every Product Sold Plants A Tree! 1 Piece is one tree, 10 pieces is 10 trees! Sustainability at its finest.